Jul 2017 21

Everpresent teases new album with single and music video
Everpresent, the synthpop/electro project of Matthew Cahoon, has released a new single, titled “Dreamstate,” with a corresponding music video. Featuring a guest performance from theatre/jazz vocalist Katelyn Isaacson, “Dreamstate” marks the first taste of the upcoming full-length album from Everpresent, Parallax [..]

Jul 2017 20

Mark Gemini Thwaite and Ashton Nyte sign with Cleopatra Records for second MGT album
MGT - Gemini NyteMGT – featuring guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite and vocalist/songwriter Ashton Nyte – has signed with Cleopatra Records for the upcoming second full-length album, titled Gemini Nyte. The album marks a transition from what was initially Thwaite’s solo project, with Nyte having appeared on two of the more striking tracks from the 2016 Volumes debut, including the single “The Reaping.” Like the previous album, Gemini Nyte features the pair being joined by guest musicians, including Killing Joke drummer “Big Paul” Ferguson and vocalist Burton C. Bell [..]

Jul 2017 19

Android Lust announces sixth album
Android Lust - Berlin (Crater Vol. 2)Four years after the release of the first volume, experimental electro/industrial artist Android Lust has announced her sixth studio album, titled Berling (Crater Vol. 2). Funded via Kickstarter campaign and taking inspiration from her experiences in the titular German capitol, Android Lust’s Shikhee states that Berlin has “spawned more than a few of my musical heroes.” Throughout 2015, Shikhee took many field audio recordings during her time exploring museums, famous studios, and abandoned buildings in Berlin [..]

Jul 2017 18

Mike Garson pays tribute to David Bowie in upcoming U.K. tour
Renowned pianist Mike Garson will pay tribute to his longtime collaborator David Bowie in November with a U.K. tour in which he will perform the legendary art/rock artist’s classic Aladdin Sane album. The tour will see Garson performing the album, along with a second set of various Bowie favorites, in six U.K. venues with a band that features award winning vocalist Gaby Moreno [..]

Jul 2017 18

LGBT+ band Gaywire announces debut EP, mastered by Claus Larsen
Gaywire - Cisters of Mersa EPCisters of Mersa, the debut EP from the all LGBT+ aggrotek band Gaywire and mastered by Claus Larsen of Leætherstrip & Klutæ, will be released on August 1, 2017. The group aims to turn a spotlight on LGBT+ artists and issues; the mission statement, written by official essayist Kate Burns, declares that “It’s up to us to make sure the next generation has it easier than we did. No matter how much they try to silence us, we will persist. This is why we will never shut up.” Gaywire songwriter and trans artist Jen Mastiffson says that the group’s “debut comes at a time when unity and love are invaluable resources in America. [..]

Jul 2017 18

Dethcentrik releases first single from upcoming album
Colorado industrial band Dethcentrik has released “Police State,” the first single off of the upcoming album Working Class American. Front man Død Beverte explains that while releasing an instrumental track as a single is an unorthodox move, he feels that “the instrumentation and samples may help Americans look at life from another perspective.” Jeremiah Whitman (tech_ninja) and Romero Little (Disturbing Taxidermy) join Beverte on the long awaited album [..]

Jul 2017 17

Lord of the Lost announces details of new album
Lord of the Lost - Swan Songs IIHaving recently signed a worldwide record deal with prominent rock/metal label Napalm Records, Lord of the Lost has announced details for the band’s first release on the imprint, Swan Songs II. Featuring 10 brand new songs exhibiting the Hamburg act’s signature brand of dark rock and industrial/metal arranged for a symphony orchestra, front man Chris Harms explains that the first Swan Songs release in 2015 has “been a very touching record for us and our fans,” motivating Lord of the Lost to explore creative freedom for Swan Songs II. [..]

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