May 2017 31

Am Tierpark to release new EPAm Tierpark – the synthpop project of John Mirland (Mirland) and Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip, Klutæ) – will release a new EP, We’re All the Same on June 1. The exclusively digital release celebrating “life, love, and diversity” will feature four all new songs and one remix showcasing the group’s danceable side. Mirland’s bouncing synths and beats shimmer against Larsen’s plush and richly earnest vocals. [..]

May 2017 28

Hexheart announces U.S. tour, releases first single from debut album
Hexheart - A Thousand TimesHexheart – the new post-punk project from God Module front man Jasyn Bangert – has released the first single from the band’s upcoming debut album, Midnight on a Moonless Night, titled “A Thousand Times.” This introductory single showcases the band’s darkly romantic sound, with Andrew Pearson’s coldly atmospheric synths and Patrick Hogan’s sparsely crystalline guitar lines, topped off by Bangert’s raspy yet emotive vocals, making for a lush, danceable track. [..]

May 2017 27

Nothing But Noise to release second part of second album
Nothing But Noise - eXistence Oscillation prEsentAfter reviving Nothing But Noise in 2016 following a short hiatus of four years, Front 242’s Daniel Bressanutti and former Front 242 band mate Dirk Bergen are releasing the second part of the two CD eXistence Oscillation album. eXistence Oscillation prEsent features all new material written and produced by the duo [..]

May 2017 27

Chthonic Streams hosting special noise event
Dark underground label Chthonic Streams will be hosting a special event on June 6 at The Glove in the imprint’s home of New York. This event marks the first headlining set from January Hunt’s noise/drone project New Castrati, as well as the first live shift for noise act Compactor since the No Workers Paradise box set release earlier this year. [..]

May 2017 27

Ashton Nyte to join Mark Gemini Thwaite for two shows in June
Ashton Nyte – vocalist for South African dark rock act The Awakening – has announced that he will be joining guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite onstage for two European dates in June, including an appearance at this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen. The pair’s performances will not only include songs from the MGT Volumes debut, but also from the upcoming collaboration Gemini Nyte album [..]

May 2017 24

Dates announces for new ColdWaves event... in Los Angeles
With 2017 already marking the sixth and biggest ColdWaves event yet, with three nights featuring some of the industrial/electo scene’s most prominent heavyweights and most promising up-and-comers performing in Chicago, the prestigious festival is announcing a new leg to take place in Los Angeles. Scheduled to take place over three November nights in the City of Angels [..]

May 2017 23

Here’s a thought experiment worth investing some time in:


First, let’s consider that from 750 AD on, Arabs kidnapped, killed, and stole Africans. Starting in 1441 or so, Europeans kidnapped, killed, and stole Africans for nearly 450 years. In the colonies, we tend to think that it began in 1619. But by then, there were millions of enslaved Africans in Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, and all over the American territories. Africans were killed and left to die in the act of acquiring them and war and village raids were core sources of that acquisition, leaving sometimes three times the number of people taken, dead.


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