Oct 2015 15

One of the music industry’s most respected and innovative guitarists, John 5 speaks with ReGen Magazine on his career and his music.
John 5 - Photo by Rob Fenn



Oct 2015 14

Seattle’s eminent hardclash entity, Rabbit Junk speaks with ReGen on the band’s latest musical endeavors, hinting at a new EP just in time for Halloween.
Rabbit Junk, Live @ ColdWaves IV - Photo by MizTabby



Oct 2015 13

Over 10 years of silence finally broken as German synthpop act Beborn Beton returns with a new album, speaking to ReGen about just what the band’s gone through to create its latest outing.
Beborn Beton - by Roman Kasperski



Oct 2015 12

Dope Stars Inc. front man reforms My Sixth Shadow, announces new albumMy Sixth Shadow, the gothic/rock band founded in 1999 by Victor Love of Dope Stars Inc., has reformed with plans to release a new full-length album. Written by Love and fellow founding member Dave Shadow during the same time frame as the debut Dope Stars Inc. album //Neuromance in 2005 [..]

Oct 2015 12

Renowned guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite speaks with ReGen on his upcoming solo album, as well as his career and musical development.
Mark Gemini Thwaite - 2015 Studio Selfie



Oct 2015 09

Johnathan|Christian releases music video directed by Bryin DallDarkwave duo Johnathan|Christian has released a new music video for the song “Your Lying Virtue,” the latest single from the band’s The Nothing I Feel, which was released on October 1. Directed by Bryin Dall (Hirsute Pursuit, Dream into Dust, Thee MajestY), and featuring The New Creatures’ Tiger Koehn on drums [..]

Oct 2015 08

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Saturday, 09/26/2015
ColdWaves IV


The first night of the fourth installment of Chicago’s foremost industrial music festival – ColdWaves – was a raucous and energetic introduction in a more intimate setting, acting as a primer for the sustained heaviness of the subsequent main events. The following night showcased ColdWaves IV’s distinguished and remarkably different atmospheric focus from the past with a greater emphasis on noisier and more experimental acts, culling from the darker ambient, emotionally decrepit, and perhaps even apocalyptic perceptions of human existence. While not lacking in energy, it was certainly a different tone, but one that appropriately exhibited the industrial music genre’s diversity and the levels to which different styles come into play even within the parameters of coldwave. Given ColdWaves’ standing as a tribute to the late Jamie Duffy and, with the partnership of Hope for the Day, is an ever strengthening voice in suicide prevention, the frailty of the artistic side of the human condition was laid bare on this first night, but it was perhaps not completely felt – at least, as far as this writer perceived – in its fullness until this second night of ColdWaves IV. [..]

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