Jul 2015 22

Jim Marcus of Chicago’s GoFight speaks with ReGen on the band’s latest litanies of ‘pro-sex/anti-war’ electroscuzz, carving out a niche in modern music that sounds like nothing else.



Jul 2015 21

Marc Heal, M.C. Lord of the Flies speaks with ReGen on his reunion with Raymond Watts, the Lord of Lard, and just what kept them both incommunicado from the music scene for a whole decade.
PIG vs. M.C. Lord of the Flies - Compound Eye Sessions



Jul 2015 20

Martin Gore announces remix EP and competitionElectronic musician Martin Gore has announced the release of a remix EP companion to his third and most recent solo album, MG, scheduled for October 2 via Mute Records. The EP, which will be available in both digital and 12-inch vinyl editions and will also include two previously unreleased tracks [..]

Jul 2015 17

Orgy announces release date for new EP, August West Coast tourL.A. synth/rock band Orgy has announced a July 31 release date for Talk Sick, the band’s newest EP, promising it as a precursor to a full-length album to release first in Europe and then the U.S. later in the year. This follows several months after initially announcing the EP’s release with a second EP, then titled Entropy, promised to follow later. “I know it’s been a long time coming,” states band founder and vocalist Jay Gordon. “We want to make music that feels right. I like to blend multiple styles and genres because that’s who I am and what Orgy is all about.” He also includes, “The new music we are making encompasses not just what we see and hear in the U.S., but from all around the globe.” [..]

Jul 2015 15

Front 242 releases new single, announces remix contestPioneering electronic music act Front 242 has announced the release of a new single, featuring a remastered version of the band’s classic “Lovely Day,” alone with the RadicalG mix of “Take One.” Available as a pay-what-you-want release on Bandcamp, the single is intended as a teaser for the upcoming remastered edition of the band’s 1984 album, No comment [..]

Jul 2015 14

Fear Factory front man launches website, releases exclusive graphic novelBurton C. Bell, front man for cyber/metal act Fear Factory, has announced the launch of his personal website. Covering all aspects of his career, Bell’s website features the exclusive release of his graphic novel The Industrialist [..]

Jul 2015 13

September Mourning announces Kickstarer campaign for upcoming comic bookDark alt. rock act September Mourning, in association with Top Cow Productions, has announced a new Kickstarter campaign to fund a comic book based on the band’s main character – a half-human, half-reaper superheroine. Created by Emily Lazar and Top Cow founder/CEO Mark Silverstri [..]

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