Mar 2013 28

Pittsburgh, PA, Mr. Small’s Theatre, 03/22/2013


After a long Ultra-Heavy Beat drought, KMFDM finally returned to Pittsburgh to support the latest album, KUNST, and Pittsburgh enthusiastically welcomed the band back with open arms and a surprisingly sold-out crowd. Accompanied by Legion Within and CHANT for the tour and local artists Rein[Forced] supplying additional support, the lineup made for an interesting and varied night. [..]

Mar 2013 28

Ministry announce next, last albumMinistry has announced the release of From Beer to Eternity, to be released in September through the band’s own 13th Planet Records. Minstry founder Al Jourgensen has declared this to be “Ministry’s last album,” a celebration and memorial to guitarist Mike Scaccia, who co-wrote the tracks of this album in December 2012, a mere three days before his death. [..]

Mar 2013 27

Boston, MA, Paradise Rock Club, 3/20/2013


2013 is a big year for fans of the golden age of industrial music with a new KMFDM album and tour, new Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy albums later this year, and rumors of new Nine Inch Nails material; it’s like some kind of planetary alignment. Paradise Rock Club is located on a busy Boston campus with bright-eyed students crisscrossing the streets purposefully. The place is pretty small, with a balcony that wraps around the venue on three sides. Dozens of drums, cymbals, and noisemaking objects decorate the stage, presumably belonging to tribal/industrial artist CHANT, the opening act of the tour. By 8:00pm the place is already two/thirds full and the show promptly begins. The crowd is a mix of goths, rivetheads, punks, and metal fans of various ages; as expected, many are sporting KMFDM shirts. [..]

Mar 2013 27

Vigilante to release single in support of Anonymous groupFrench industrial artist Vigilante has announced the upcoming digital release of It’s Our Time to raise funds for the members of the hacktivist group Anonymous facing prosecution. “It is in moments like this that we need to make a difference and show to our brothers and sisters they are not alone,” states Ivan Muñoz of Vigilante [..]

Mar 2013 27

Donna Lynch releases debut novel via KindleDonna Lynch of Ego Likeness fame aims to unveil her new novel Red Horses – the prequel to Isabel Burning – soon. To celebrate, she has released the debut for $0.99 through Kindle. [..]

Mar 2013 26

Philadelphia, PA, The Trocadero Theatre, 03/19/2013


Philadelphia is often hailed as the city of brotherly love, although that does little to explain the curfew that was in effect on this particular Tuesday night at the Trocadero Theatre. With the doors opening promptly at 7:00pm, and the show beginning shortly thereafter, the triple header of KMFDM, Legion Within, and CHANT had but a short time to send the attending crowd into industrial rock frenzy as only they can deliver. Held at the Trocadero Theatre, the venue attempts the ambience of a classic concert hall with a slightly modern edge – split into two sides, one featuring the bar area for 21+, the other for the all ages crowd, with the upstairs featuring theatrical seating and a smaller club area for after parties. [..]

Mar 2013 25

Hard times for XP8Italian futurepop duo XP8 has fallen on difficult times, as made apparent from the band’s most recent announcement. “XP8 has always been a, let’s say, less than lucky band, and it seems like luck is not on our side this time either,” summarized co-founder Marco Visconti. [..]

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